Preparing for Your Equine Photoshoot with Fae Loudoun Photography

I like to keep my Horse and Rider sessions relaxed, natural and fun, creating an enjoyable experience for you and your horse to remember for years to come! This page will help guide you making the most of your time with me.

I know your horse means the world to you, and is a part of your family – so documenting and capturing the bond you have is a key part of a photoshoot. To achieve this, it takes some careful planning and preparation.


Planning for your Equine photoshoot

When you book your shoot, I will discuss with you when best suits you for your session. We will talk through clothing, tack, preparing your horse, and the vision you would like to achieve on the day. This will help you in getting ready for your shoot.

Black backgrounds!

During a session we can achieve light, bright natural looking shots, we can also use lighting to create black background portraits of your horse and you with your horse. Typically this is done by using an open barn door or stable and standing the horse and parts you would like to see in the sun creating a black background behind them.


Location, location, location…

The location and backdrop is obviously important. Most clients choose to have their shoot on or around where their horse is stabled. During the booking and planning process I’ll discuss with you what backgrounds are available in your location. Whether you are on a simple yard with a few rustic stables or a big estate, we are sure we can create something beautiful! I may travel with you to a location nearby for a truly stunning backdrop.


Outfits! – getting the look you've dreamt of!

Clothing is another key element of your shoot. Again I will discuss this with you beforehand.
I want you to feel comfortable and good in the clothes you choose, so I will always suggest that the clothing reflects your personality and style. 

Here's three things I would suggest:

  • Casual, like shorts or a loose skirt and top/shirt – obviously this is easier in the summer, in winter we suggest items like big wraps, jackets with fur collars, scarves and woolly hats, capes for example.
  • Smart casual – jeans with a nice shirt, top or jumper depending on time of year.
  • Smart –  like a dress for ladies (which can be a ball gown, or a light summery long dress, whatever suits you) or a jacket/slacks for the boys.


I love ideas for anything different or personal to you – hats, heels, shoes, boots, accessories – these can add a personal touch to your photograph.


Hair & Make up

I get asked about hair and makeup for a shoot and this is a personal decision. Some people feel more confident and better after a visit to the hairdresser or having our makeup done, for some of us this may feel too much and we prefer a more natural look. Either works, but a little pampering can go a long way in helping you to feel amazing though!

If you’ve not done this before, a trial with a makeup artist is a good idea to make sure your MUA will achieve the look you are after.

I work with some amazing MUAs and if you get stuck I can recommend some for you.


Tack and Turnout for your horse

Just like your outfit choices tack for your horse is essential to making an image work – a brightly coloured or tatty halter can spoil what would otherwise be a beautiful image. We recommend that you have a leather (black or brown) headcollar available, plus a clean bridle and saddle. If you don’t have a leather headcollar, a clean neutral coloured one is ideal.


Getting ready on the day….

The day before your shoot and on the day, make sure you allow ample time to prepare your horse. I recommend bathing your horse either the night before, or on the morning of the shoot just like you would for a show, then keeping them stabled until the session. Most of the time, I suggest that manes and tails are left loose, clean, brushed and tidy. With some horses, though, plaiting can look better depending on the look you are going for with your shoot. Groom your horse as if you were going to a show, and have hoof oil ready for just before the session starts and keep a towel or wet wipe handy for those dirty noses!

Remember on the day, all you have to do is relax and have fun with your horse and I will do the rest!


I hope this page helped you with any questions you may have been burning to ask me but don't hesitate to ask more.